Robot Multi-functionality, Mobility, Accessibility Pilot Trials

Robot Multi-functionality, Mobility, Accessibility Pilot Trials

Over 50 individuals representing 30 organizations (hospitals, healthcare, logistics, facility management, research institutes, government entities, hospitality, social service agencies) observed the robotic pilot trials held at the Galen on 1 Oct 2022.


This Pilot Trial aims to achieve 4 objectives:

  1. Enhance robotic solution development, including multifunctionality (to respond to ROI) and use of outdoor 5G (in anticipation of future mainstream wireless communication)
  2. Encourage standardization with Robotics Middleware Framework and Technical Reference 93 to allow scaling potentials to wider marketplace
  3. Provide universality with API, wireless charging, indoor map, and Real Time Location System for robots to work in multiple environments
  4. Enable robotic solution adoption with logistics, facility-management, etc. to complement workforce productivity


The Lab would like to thank the following partners in making the pilot trial a great success:


Robots Advancer System Technology, Autove Robotics, Boston Dynamics, CareStar Robotics, dConstruct, Delta Electronics, Gaussian Robotics, HoST Industrial Automation, IFSC, Kabam Robotics, Keenon Robotics, LionsBot, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Medisys, Omron, Otsaw, Panasonic, Quikbot, Sigma.3, SoftBank Robotics, TAG Industrial, Teradyne, Truly Robotics, Yunji
Enablers AWS, Beckhoff Automation, CapitaLand Ascendas REIT, CapitaLand Investment, Changi General Hospital, dConstruct, dormakaba, EnterpriseSG, Grandview Kinetics, HOPE Technik, Huawei, IMDA, KONE, M1, Xnergy


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