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Integration of robotics in buildings’ lift

The ability for robots to travel autonomously and access various floors in a multi-storey building through lifts will create new opportunities to leverage robotic technologies to augment manpower and enhance efficiencies in various industry settings including healthcare

Video Parking Guidance and Enforcement System

New MB IoT smart meters and machine learning technologies are piloted within Science Park 1 to collect data and perform automatic trend analytics for prediction of utility consumption patterns, thus resulting in cost savings for tenants.

Warehouse Traffic Monitoring System

Video analytics are performed to recognize cargo container vehicles so as to optimize warehouse space usage and resources deployment.

Pathfinding for Indoor & Outdoor Environment

Infrastructure-less pathfinding technologies are being evaluated to enable last mile deliveries, search for retail shops, etc. With consideration of the constantly changing urban environment due to road works, etc.

Sustainable Management of 3D Geospatial Data

SMARTLab is working with a major governmental agency to investigate technologies that can leverage on existing imaging sources to incrementally update and sustain 3D geospatial database.

Optimization of Farm Operations with Analytics

A holistic AIoT platform is being piloted with a major local farm to enhance automation so as to improve profitability and to overcome the challenges of manpower shortage.

Smart Management of Toilets

Due to advent of COVID-19 pandemic, contactless and automated means of toilet cleaning are explored so as to improve safety for both the cleaners and the users.

Standardization of Build Environment Data

An open source data schema is being introduced to members of SMARTLab to harmonize disparate data sources and enable data interoperability, thus lowering cost of integration and creating new opportunities for co-innovation.

AIoT Applications to Optimize Smart Office Environment

A number of devices providers have come together to integrate and pilot an array of smart devices for tracking of utilities usage and wellness parameters for smart offices, so as to improve user experience and to lower the cost of operations.

Cybersecurity for Next Generation Data Centres

In order to ensure the detection of malicious intrusions of critical systems across all levels of the execution stack, a new processor dynamic power behaviour analytical system is tested.