Learn and Share: Accessibility and Mobility Solutions

Learn and Share: Accessibility and Mobility Solutions

The Accessibility and Mobility Call for Innovation (CFI) by Hyundai Motor Group, Lions Befrienders, SG Enable, EM Services, and the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab received 25 concepts to address accessibility and mobility challenges faced by the elderly and persons with disabilities in transportation and building infrastructures.



16 concepts were shortlisted and grouped into 3 areas for holistic, end-to-end solutions:

  1. Maps and navigation
  2. Transportation and infrastructure
  3. Services


Having reviewed all the concepts, the Panel invited the cohort of innovators to share their concepts with all the Lab members to build a better tomorrow for everyone in smart cities in a Learn & Share session on 26 Apr 2023.


A heartfelt thank you to the speakers: RightHear’s Idan Meir, NewRIIS-Nanyang Polytechnic’s representative Junjie Chong, UPnRIDE’s Oren Tamari, GV Kinetics-Mapsted’s representative James Chong. They have highlighted the implications of these solutions and the challenges for adoption, including financial barriers, higher integration needs with government services, psychological issues, manpower constraints, and seniors’ lack of familiarity with technology.

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