Co-innovation to Transform Future Healthcare

Co-innovation to Transform Future Healthcare

The fireside chat on “Co-innovation to Transform Future Healthcare” was held successfully at the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab on July 26, 2023. We were honoured to have the following industry experts to share their insights and innovations in the healthcare industry:


Dr Gao Yujia, Consultant Surgeon and Assistant Group CTO at National University Health System, highlighted the role of 5G in healthcare, the importance of real-time information, data integration, security and their potential in the metaverse environment.


Steve Warren, CEO at Asian IoT Solutions, illustrated the applications and benefits of their easily implemented low-cost Global IoT Systems Solution in healthcare, such as remote monitoring for vulnerable and aging individuals, and offering family members and health professionals with greater visibility, etc.


Aylwin Tan, Chief Customer Solutions Officer at CapitaLand, highlighted CapitaLand’s efforts in creating technology driven platforms/products for dignified senior living, the Lab’s collaboration with healthcare partners to discover opportunities in healthcare and wellness spaces, and emphasizing how innovation is driven with a mind/purpose towards scalability and commercialisation.


We would like to reiterate our sincere thank you to our generous speakers and attending Lab partners. Contact us to explore potential of cutting-edge technologies in the healthcare sector at

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