Co-innovation in Smart Facility Management

Co-innovation in Smart Facility Management

The fireside chat on “Co-innovation in Smart Facility Management” was held successfully at the Smart Urban Co-Innovation Lab on June 28, 2023, in the afternoon. The event brought together industry experts and participants for an engaging discussion on various aspects of co-innovation in smart facility management. We were fortunate to have four esteemed speakers who enriched the conversation with their insights and perspectives.


The speakers included Mr. Tan Choon Huat from IMDA Sectoral Transformation Group, Mr. Su Youyi from IFSC, Mr. Tung Meng Fai from National Robotics Programme, and Dr. Lim Chee Chong from Advancer Smart Technology. Together, they covered a range of crucial topics that are shaping the future of facility management in the digital era:


  1. challenges faced by FM digital solutions that operate in silos including data duplication, sub-optimized efficiency and productivity, and a lack of full situational awareness. There is high potential for security industry to harness opportunities and provide integrated FM services.
  2. leveraging integrated technological platforms through machine learning, computer visioning, and data analytics to enable autonomous operations. They also discussed how ecosystem partnerships and affiliations can contribute to the development of holistic solutions that enhance productivity.
  3. government initiatives that co-create an integrated security management platform and nurture a robust robotics talent pool through funding. These initiatives play a significant role in driving innovation and shaping the future of facility management.
  4. a real-time edge computing solution built upon the Robotic Middleware Framework to enable litter recognition capability on robots and seamless integration and coordination between different robotic components and systems.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the speakers for their relentless sharing and exchange of ideas. We look forward to further exploring these topics and working collaboratively towards an integrated and more efficient future.

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