Matex Holdings Pte Ltd

Matex Holdings Pte Ltd

Who we are:

A Singapore Home Grown with a strong focus to be a World Leader in Clean Colorants, Specialty Chemicals and Bio-Tech Solutions, founded in 1989, Listed & HQ in Singapore. With our Mebyo Probiotic Bio-Technology Solution, we contribute to the environment sustainability and efficiently produce long-term effective hygienization eco-systems, that promote the development of healthy microbiomes  that helps in our preparation against the next pandemic, reducing contamination, creating less environmental pollution and tackling a global unseen threat of the increase in Antimicrobial Resistance.


Areas of interest:
From our wide range of different Bio-Technology Solution Functionality, our products are now widely implemented across many different industries and sectors, Healthcare, Hospitality,  Residential, Commercial, Public, Agriculture, Aquaculture etc, making it a versatile solution of choice.

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