Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd

Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Ltd

Having pioneers whom have served clients such as Singapore Airlines, Keppel Fels, LTA, Singapore Prison & Sembcorp, actively leading the company coupled with young bloods entering the industry, Magicsoft provides the best of both worlds – Experience & Imaginative.
The company also actively partners with polytechnics to take part in challenges & tenders, allowing exploration to latest technology & market demands.
Area of Interest: Designed as an Access Control System, Collie has several features including Access Control through integration with turnstiles & access control devices, allowing for users to designate access. Device data are utilised to provide statistic such as total ins/outs.
CCTVs and AI algorithms are also integrated to provide alerts for situations such as intrusions, stranger and crowd detection, facial recognition, vehicle recognition & ALPR.
Collie also manages solar energy systems, allowing for deployment of devices to areas such as temporary sites.

Personnel & Asset tracking is also viable through integrations with devices such as beacons, NFCs and Mifare products..

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